Content Rules? The Best Way to Blog

Have you always wanted to express your knowledge to other people, whether friends, families or strangers?  I have and do. Since the people’s chosen medium for expression is the internet, I’m opting for blogging. But then the question is: How do I blog?

I’d never done it seriously before. The best I’ve done is type my half-baked thoughts on xanga (if you remember that, here’s my personal high-five) but those unedited posts are aptly — and embarrassingly — categorized what Freud called free association. And reading those now results in a heavy-handed facepalm.

But I’d like this first post about what I’ve learned from Chapman and Handley’s Content Rules. I’d like to point out their foreword, “Marketing is about publishing great content.” ‘…But what the many content-marketing experts have failed to do is tell us how to create that content.” Just what I like to hear…and what we need to know.

The book is divided into four parts: Content Rules, How-to Section, Success Stories and the ending note aka a link to their website. But the focus is on their How-To section on Blogging. There are other aspects of the book such as webinars, ebooks and videos but those demos will come later when this blog progresses. Instead, I’ll be rewriting their blogging guideline list. And where apt, briefly explain how I’ve incorporated these into this post:

1. Define your purpose. Expressing what I’ve learned through my books for other readers to learn from as well.

2. Set a reliable schedule. (Testing several schedules but planning for Tuesday’s or Thursday’s)

3. Mix it up! (The ‘it’ is the content of your posts. Good to occasionally change the blog’s tone to serious or funny)

4. Move beyond the written word. See links.

5. Size Matters. I’m saying what I believe is enough.

6. Learn how to write killer headlines. If you’re here, I must be doing this right. They have a list of what counts and I’ve adapted their ‘Pique curiosity’ technique.

7. Design is important. Since this is a content blog, I feel this theme is most suitable, given the choices of WordPress themes.

8. Create momentum. The book quotes Mike Volpe, “Too many people believe that by just having their content out there, that’s enough. It’s not.” I would say my ‘momentum’ is for you to adapt the guidelines in this list and message me your blog link. I’d love to see how this post helped you.

9. Consider comment moderation. When time calls for it.

10. Categorize and tag everything. “Blogging,” “Motivational,” and “Permission Marketing.” So far, so good.

11. Write the way you speak. My speaking is…I admit, dry but brief and honest so this post (and blog) is accurately representative. Scary, huh.

12. Don’t overthink. If I did, this post would never be finished.

Prime blog examples included are any articles from Hubspot, Seth Godin or my personal favorite, Tim Ferriss. I highly recommend checking them.

But these guidelines are exactly as they mean but TONS of blogs ignore them.
Have you ignored any on this list?