About Me

I’m S. D. Harper. Surprisingly, I’m not Canadian.

I am a finance copywriter.
What types? Newsletters, long form, general advertising.
Industry/Field? Finance, man. Yeah, banks and stuff.

Speaking of, if you have business inquiries, send me an email at  stephen@sdeanharper.com.

Other things I have done are: Come up with house values for real estate (BPO’s or Broker Price Opinions). SEO Consultant, SEO Content writer.

It is not as glamorous as you may think.

My life goal is to be different. Anything out of the norm that few have experienced.

On that note, I encourage feedback. I would appreciate hearing from you. You can tell me how much my writing changed your life. Or how much it wasted your life. A litmus test on how you’re feeling is great.


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